Want to start earning money on auto-pilot, with no extra effort required on your part?

In this guide, we share our favourite passive income ideas to help you earn a little extra money on the side.


HoneyGain is one of the most unique passive income ideas that we’ve seen so far. It’s not cryptocurrency-related, but we think it’s too good to not share!

In short, if you have a decent internet connection on your phone, tablet or computer, HoneyGain will use the unused internet bandwidth for its proxy network, and pay you for every MB it uses.

HoneyGain - Passive Income Stream

We tested HoneyGain with a Google Pixel 4 phone connected to a standard residential WiFi network, over 7 days. Below are the daily averages:

  • Internet usage: ~980MB per day
  • Payout: ~98 credits, which is approx. $0.10 USD
  • Almost no impact on our WiFi speed or device CPU

The earnings aren’t high, but that’s usually the case with passive income ideas like these. To maximise your earnings from HoneyGain, you can do the following:

  • Refer your friends, and get 10% of their lifetime earnings (they’ll also get $5 for free)
  • Use multiple devices, including other phones, tablets or computers. You could even use an old smartphone.
  • Leave them to run 24/7. If you can’t leave it on all the time, turn it on at night when you’ve gone to bed.

HoneyGain can be used on Android (as an APK, not from the Play Store), Windows, MacOS and Linux. No word on an iOS version yet, but we’ll keep this updated.


If you spend a lot of time on your feet, then Sweatcoin could be the perfect passive income stream!

Available on iOS and Android, Sweatcoin gives you coins for every step you take. 1,000 steps are worth 1 SWC (coin), which is currently worth around $0.045 USD.

You can redeem your SWC for gift cards, exclusive discounts or freebies from their marketplace, or donate them to selected charities.

You can even bid on auctions for high-value products, like $1000 Amazon gift cards (the most recent one sold for 23,315 SWC), a PlayStation 5 (24,200 SWC) or even an Oculus Quest 2 256GB (17,500 SWC).

Sweatcoin - Passive income idea that pays you for walking

There are a few ways to maximise your Sweatcoin earnings, including:

  • Referring friends – Get 5 SWC for every signup
  • Watching adverts – Get up to 1000 SWC per video advert (usually ~ 5 coins)
  • Daily 2 x Boost – Activate a 20 minute boost to double your SWC earnings for steps
  • Account levels – You can subscribe to higher account levels with a small monthly SWC fee (4.75 to 30 SWC), which unlock more bonuses and higher earning potential.

Sweatcoin is available in most countries – a full list is available here.

Pi Coin

A new-ish cryptocurrency, developed by a group of Stanford computer scientist PhDs, is blazing its way into the public eye.

It’s called The Ultimate Passive Income Ideas Guide (or just Pi), and you collaborate with other Pi holders to mine coins and secure the network.

Pi cryptocurrency passive income strategies

Much like HoneyGain, all you need to do it install the Android or iOS app, and it’ll start mining!

The difference with The Ultimate Passive Income Ideas Guide is that you need to log in daily to reactivate the miner – this ensures you’re an active member of the community, which the developers have prioritised over everything else.

The more active people you have in your ‘circle’ (a small team), the more you all mine. At the time of writing, there are 14 million ‘Pioneers’ mining daily, and it’s growing at a very steady pace.

Right now, there’s no way to send, receive, buy or sell Pi, as it’s still in beta. However, the developers are planning to open the doors to major exchanges before the end of 2021.

So, start mining The Ultimate Passive Income Ideas Guide today before it goes public and the price starts going up!

Cryptocurrency Faucets

For those of you with spare time on your hands, cryptocurrency faucets give you a small amount of crypto in exchange for viewing adverts or solving Captchas.

There are thousands of crypto faucets available, offering you Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and more in exchange for your time.

Cryptocurrency faucets as passive income ideas

You won’t get much from claiming yourself, but the real profit is in referrals. Once you make a claim, you can share your referral link with other people. If they also make a claim, you’ll get between 5% and 50% of their payout!

The best thing is it’s lifetime commission, so you’ll get a piece of all their future claims as well, and a nice set of passive income streams across different cryptocurrencies.

Simply share your referral link with friends and family, on social media, Discord, or your own website (if you have one).

Ready to start claiming and referring? Check out our lists below, which include the most recommended faucets with average payouts, countdown timers and affiliate commissions:

Cryptocurrency Staking

If you’ve got some spare cryptocurrency in your wallet, you can invest it in staking platforms like Stakecube, Binance and Nexo.

Think of staking as a high-interest savings account.

You leave money in there, and you get interest over a certain period. With crypto staking platforms, however, you get interest daily – known as daily compounding interest.

Compared to other passive income ideas, this one does require you to have cryptocurrency already available.

Learn more about staking in our full guide to crypto interest accounts.