If you want to get your hands on Litecoin, but you don’t want to buy or mine it, you can get it for free from Litecoin faucets.

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These faucets give you completely free crypto in return for completing reCAPTCHAs, completing surveys, clicking adverts and more.

Want to get even more? Most Litecoin faucets offer referral commissions. So if you refer someone to a faucet, you’ll automatically get 10-50% of each faucet claim that person makes. Different faucets have different commission structures. 

Here’s a list of our favourite Litecoin faucets that you can start using right now. 

The Best Litecoin Faucets

5 minutes

Mudawarin LTC is another simple faucet with a 5 minute timer.

The Captcha challenge is tougher than most, requiring you to click a moving, spinning icon a few times.

However, their 10% referral commission is one of the lowest available.

Like many faucets nowadays, this one requires a free FaucetPay.io account with a linked LTC wallet address to claim.

Mudawarin Litecoin faucet Note: The website may look different to this screenshot. Last updated on: June 7 2020
200 Litoshis
30 mins

FreeCoinBonus is a standard Litecoin faucet, but with an average payout of 200 Litoshis per claim.

The catch is that you need a Litecoin address attached to an ExpressCrypto.io account, which is a similar microwallet service to FaucetPay.

FreeCoinBonus Litecoin faucet Note: The website may look different to this screenshot. Last updated on: June 7 2020
331 Litoshis
1 hour

Free Litecoin works on the popular ‘roll the dice‘ system.

Roll the dice, and you’ll get a random number between 1 and 10,000, which dictates how much you get for the claim.

This makes Free Litecoin one of the easiest Litecoin faucets to use, and the claim amount is very reasonable at a minimum of 331 Litoshis / 0.00000331 LTC. The maximum is 0.88382124 LTC, if by some miracle you’re able to roll a clean 10,000!

However, the claim timer is 1 hour, so keep an eye on that timer! They even offer a reminder noise when the timer has finished.

A free FaucetPay.io account with a linked Litecoin wallet address is required to claim.

If you’ve got at least 0.05 LTC in your wallet, you can invest it in Free Litecoin risk-free for 0.02% daily compound interest. For example with 0.05 LTC, you’d get 1055 Litoshis every day, just for leaving it there! Any normal claims you (or your referrals) make will be added to your balance, and your earnings could sky-rocket.

Free Litcoin Faucet Note: The website may look different to this screenshot. Last updated on: February 18 2021
89 Litoshis
5 minutes

Coin Bonus LTC is on the lower end with its payouts, but it’s still worth claiming from.

The verification process is straightforward, with a hCaptcha asking you to pick images with specific objects in (usually trucks or buses).

Coin Bonus LTC‘s claims are sent to FaucetPay.io, so you’ll need a linked Litecoin wallet address set up first.

Note: The website may look different to this screenshot. Last updated on: July 10 2020
$0.0005 in Satoshis
40 minutes

Faucet Crypto is unusual, in that it’s a multi-cryptocurrency faucet that uses a generic ‘coin’ for claims!

You can then choose to wirhdraw your earnings in BTC, DOGE, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and more.

Alongside the standard 40 minute faucet, there are lots of  really simple pay-to-click (PTC) offers which pay ‘coins’, Faucet Crypto‘s own currency.

You can see the estimated BTC value on the right of the Coin Balance at the top the page, but you’ll get the equivalent of $0.0005 per faucet claim of 20 coins.

There is a minimum amount required for withdrawals, which varies by cryptocurrency. You can convert your coins into most cryptocurrencies, then send them straight to your own wallet.

Cryptos with high transaction fees, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, require a FaucetPay.io account with the respective wallets linked.

500 coins is very easy to get, and the referral bonuses make it even easier!

Note: The website may look different to this screenshot. Last updated on: February 18 2021

Litecoin Faucet FAQs

Below are some common questions we get asked about Litecoin faucets.

Are Litecoin faucets free?

Yes, you can create an account for free on all of them, and claim for free as well.

How much Litecoin could I earn from faucets?

It depends entirely on how often you claim!

Some faucets offer decent loyalty bonuses. For every consecutive day you claim, the faucet gives you an extra 1% on top of your claim. So after 7 days, you would get an extra 7% on every claim.

If you refer other people, you’ll also get commission for every claim they make. Commission ranges from 10-50%, depending on the faucet.

How much is Litecoin worth?

To get the latest Litecoin price, go to our Cryptocurrency Prices page.