If you want to get your hands on Bitcoin but don’t have the money to invest in mining or buying it, you can get it for free from Bitcoin faucets.

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These websites offer free cryptocurrency in return for completing reCAPTCHAs, clicking on ads, completing surveys, and other simple activities.

On top of that, most faucets offer lifetime referral commissions. If you refer someone to the faucet, you’ll get 25-50% of every claim they make. When you combine your claims and referral claims, you’ll start generating a lot from crypto faucets!

Here’s a list of our favourite free Bitcoin faucets that you can start using right now:

The Best Bitcoin Faucets

4 Satoshis
1 hour

Free Bitcoin operates on a random payout model, where you roll a ‘dice’ for free and get given a random number between 0 and 10,000. The number you get dictates how much BTC you win.

You may be wondering, “how do I know it’s fair?”, and that’s an understandable question!

According to the disclaimer on Free Bitcoin‘s website, the game is “provably fair“, which means the roll number is calculated completely transparently based on 3 parameters. These parameters are hashed (encrypted) and recorded for anyone to see after each roll.

Once you’ve registered, click the “THIS GAME IS PROVABLY FAIR!” link to view a popup with all the details.

They also have a bitcoin investment option, which means that if you have a balance of over 0.003 BTC in your account, you’ll earn daily compounded interest.

So once you earn enough from the free Bitcoin faucet, you can start growing it an auto-pilot!

Free Bitcoin Faucets Note: The website may look different to this screenshot. Last updated on: May 28 2020
5 Satoshis

This is one of the oldest Bitcoin faucets around, and continues to pay reasonably well.

The catch is that you need to accumulate 20,000 Satoshis / 0.00020000 BTC before you can withdraw to your wallet.

It’ll take at least a few weeks to get to that point, but if you can get some referral signups, you’ll get there pretty quickly.

Bitcoinker BTC Faucet Note: The website may look different to this screenshot. Last updated on: May 28 2020
$0.0022 in Satoshis
1 hour

Cointiply BTC operates on a random payout model. Roll the dice, get a number between 0 and 100,000, and get a certain amount of coins based on the number. 1 coin is $0.0001 USD.

Like most roll-the-dice crypto faucets, the game is provably fair with a roll history and number calculation proof.

In addition to dice rolls, this Bitcoin faucet lets you earn BTC free by interacting with adverts, installing smartphone games and more.

You’ll need to register a free account in order to start claiming. To withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet, you’ll need at least 50,000 coins, which is the equivalent of $50 USD of Bitcoin at the current price.

Cointiply - Free BTC Faucets Note: The website may look different to this screenshot. Last updated on: May 28 2020

Bitcoin Faucet FAQs

Below are some common questions we get asked about Bitcoin and Bitcoin faucets.

Are these Bitcoin faucets free?

Yes, you can create an account for free on all of them, and claim for free as well.

How much Bitcoin could I earn from faucets?

It depends entirely on how often you claim!

Some faucets offer loyalty bonuses. For every consecutive day you claim, the faucet gives you an extra 1% on top of your claim. So after 7 days, you would get an extra 7% on every claim.

If you refer other people, you’ll also get commission for every claim they make. Commission ranges from 10-50%, depending on the faucet.

Wait, what is Bitcoin again?

To learn more about bitcoin, what out our What is Bitcoin guide.

How much is Bitcoin currently worth?

For the latest price in USD, check out our Cryptocurrency Prices page. For other fiat currencies, check out CoinGecko.

What happened to FaucetHub?

FaucetHub is not related to us, and was shut down in December 2019. Find out more about FaucetHub on our blog.