With the cryptocurrency market being as volatile as it is, there are a lot of unknowns. One thing we can be certain of is that more people will start investing with crypto in the future and as a result, there’ll be much higher demand for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and the top altcoins than before.

If we assume that central banks are going to embrace cryptocurrencies, and will be interested in investing with them for their reserves, then the demand for cryptocurrencies is likely to increase. We can also assume that some more countries will start legalizing cryptocurrencies.

This increased demand will drive up the price of various cryptos, and the ones that are currently leading the market will likely benefit the most from this.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what could possibly happen in the near future as a result of increased demand and how that will affect various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the top altcoins.

Altcoins: What are they?

Altcoins, or alternative coins, are cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, which is regarded as the OG cryptocurrency. There’s a wide variety of altcoins on offer and they can be used in a number of different ways. One of the more popular uses for top altcoins is as an investment vehicle.

Aspiring altcoin investors can buy into new coins before their value soars by using platforms such as Ethereum or Binance, where users can also create their own tokens.

Other people may prefer to use them as means of payment – with some even offering goods and services exclusive to their native blockchain.

Top altcoins in 2021

The biggest price increases aren’t always those with the most potential but are often because they’re undervalued – many people have yet to recognize their potential which leads to stagnation or even further losses.

Big money has entered the market, which means that in the future we’ll likely see a lot of start-ups and new companies launching their own tokens with various unique offerings. When these new coins appear, it’s always a good idea to do some research into them before you invest your money. An easy way to find information about all active cryptocurrencies is to use CoinMarketCap.com.

We know Bitcoin’s price will do very well in the future, but which of the top altcoins should you be keeping an eye on? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How can you make sure to catch them when they’re undervalued?

Note: This article is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Cryptocurrencies are very risky investments and you can lose all your money if you invest without due diligence.

Without further ado, here are the top altcoins we recommend keeping an eye on in 2021 and beyond.


Highest ever price: $0.7376

Dogecoin as one of the top altcoins by market growth
Dogecoin prices – Sept 2020 to Aug 2021

Dogecoin is a currency that was created in early December 2013 and has recently been making headlines with its rapid growth, partly thanks to the Dogecoin and Elon Musk bromance, but also because of its steady adoption as a legit payment method. That’s why it sits at the top of our top altcoins list for 2021!

It brands itself as β€œthe fun and friendly internet currency,” which helps set it apart from other digital currencies.

The Dogecoin community is always looking for new ways to help out the newest users: they’ve set up tutorials on mining; maintain lists of merchants who accept DOGE as payment; share helpful tips about how best to secure your funds (and even give away some free doges sometimes); and post updates relating general news or developments within the cryptocurrency space both big & small.

On top of that, they regularly organise charity donation drives, like

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Alternatively, you can buy easily buy it from cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase if you’ve got money to invest.

Ripple (XRP)

Highest ever price: $3.3778

Ripple XRP prices since September 2020
Ripple (XRP) prices – Sep 2020 to Aug 2021

Ripple has been designed to be the world’s most reliable and scalable digital asset for payments.

It’s also a cryptocurrency that can help bridge two different currencies in seconds, making it an all-around useful tool for merchants who want to reduce transaction times or uncertainty about their funds being received by recipients.

In other words, XRP is a trusted and reliable blockchain-based digital asset used for fast, secure transactions.

As the native currency of the Ripple Ledger – an open source distributed ledger technology that can settle payments in 3 seconds flat without any third party involvement whatsoever – Ripple has become one of today’s top altcoins on account of its safe, decentralized infrastructure.

Want to get some for yourself? You can buy it from cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase.


Highest ever price: $386.45

Ripple LTC prices since September 2020 as a top altcoin
Litecoin (LTC) prices – Sep 2020 to Aug 2021

Litecoin is a decentralized, open-sourced cryptocurrency that enables near zero cost payments worldwide.

With support from major trade volume and liquidity providers, Litecoin is an excellent alternative to Bitcoin for commerce or investment purposes because of its faster transaction times and improved storage efficiency.

Litecoin is a lot more than the “silver” to Bitcoin’s gold. It has much faster confirmation times due to more frequent block generation, can support higher transaction volume without needing modification in the future.

What does this mean for merchants? They no longer have to worry about waiting hours or even days while your transactions go through before receiving payment – they get paid instantly!

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It’s also available for purchase on popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase.

Polkadot (DOT)

Highest ever price: $47.95

Polkadot DOT prices since September 2020
Polkadot (DOT) prices – Sep 2020 to Aug 2021

As a decentralized, global blockchain-based network that incentivizes users to contribute their computing power and storage space in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards (for example Polkadot tokens), Polkadot is one of the newest entrants into this field. Its own novel features make it an interesting addition to the crypto space.

Its a protocol that seeks to incentivize ordinary people all around the world, not just those with significant computing power and money, to operate blockchains on top of which users can launch their own blockchain.

In this way, Polkadot strives for increased decentralization through its innovative approach. However it’s one among many other competing chains like Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM) or EOSIO (EOS).

If you want to get some for yourself, you can buy DOT on Kraken and Coinbase.


Highest ever price: $1,550.85

Dash coin prices since September 2020
Dash prices – Sep 2020 to Aug 2021

Dash’s goal is to provide a more user-friendly and accessible cryptocurrency, one that can be used in everyday transactions.

Dash coin was among the first of many cryptocurrencies created as a result of Bitcoin becoming too difficult for some people to use.

It has since distinguished itself by incorporating new features into its system meant specifically so it suits all users needs – from investors with deep pockets who prefer trading coins for an investment option, to those simply looking at ways they could spend their money without having issues such as scalability limitations or waiting periods before funds are unlocked on exchanges after trades have been made.

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It’s also available for purchase on Kraken and Coinbase.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Highest ever price: $1.5336

Basic Attention Token BAT prices since September 2021
Basic Attention Token (BAT) prices – Sep 2020 to Aug 20201

BAT is a cryptocurrency intending to create an equitable system around digital advertising that benefits both creators and consumers. The Basic Attention Token was founded with the idea of creating a virtuous cycle for users by incentivizing them to view advertisements in exchange for tokens as well as allowing advertisers more opportunity at reaching their target audience, while still being able to bypass fraudsters who steal ad revenue. This innovative new token has been met with much excitement from customers everywhere.

With this ad revenue model change on the horizon, some worry that traditional media agencies will be left out as many companies move away from expensive advertising budgets toward cheaper and more efficient digital marketing strategies.

BAT is also available for direct purchase on Kraken, Coinbase and Binance.

Holo (Hot)

Highest ever price: $0.02848

Holochain (HOT) prices since September 2020, one of the fastest-growing altcoins in 2021
Holochain (HOT) prices – Sep 2020 to Aug 20201

Holochain is a new application platform that enables high scalability for decentralized apps. The Holochain model of agent-centric agreement and consensus between users removes the need for centralized data storage, which in turn allows it to process more transactions than other platforms on an every day basis. By using more nodes, Holochain enables every device on the network to function independently and only requires synchronization when necessary or agreed upon by users. This means it

has an increased scalability for hosting Dapps (decentralized applications) on Holochain networks as opposed to Ethereum which cannot handle near as many transactions per second without experiencing congestion issues

Holochain hosts can earn redeemable credits as they process data, while also hosting other people’s programs in a decentralized manner. This provides complete decentralization to everyone involved with Holochain Dapps which are developed using JavaScript or Lisp programming languages; with CSS, HTML and Javascript support.

Wrapping up

The crypto market is constantly changing and evolving. As new altcoins are being created, it can be difficult to keep up with them all. There are a number of ways that you can stay informed about the latest developments in this space.

For starters, our cryptocurrency news blog has been tracking the top altcoins since 2017, and we post updates on new coins regularly.

You should also take a look at CoinMarketCap for an overview of what’s happening in the market right now as well as upcoming ICOs and other events in the industry such as conferences or meetups that might interest you.

Finally, make sure to keep an eye on exchanges for up and coming coins e.g. Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, etc. where you can track real time price changes.